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it’s our name. We like to link the first letters of our company to the term "Xtra Ordinary" In 1996 the pioneers of XO Interiors started
with the production of furniture. During those years we supplied many well-known furniture brands.
After eighteen years, in 2014, we were well experienced in the furniture industry. We decided to start our own brand together with a group
of designers. This was the start of XO Interiors.

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Produits faits à la main
Nous nous efforçons d'obtenir un produit de haute qualité fabriqué avec émotion et amour
Exceptionally exclusive, contemporary and special
is our extensive and changing collection.
The purchase of furniture from XO Interiors
creates an "extra ordinary" interior.
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Adress office: Nieuweweg 109, 3765 GC, Soest, the Netherlands Showroom: De Woonindustrie, Symfonielaan 1, 3438 EW, Nieuwegein